FDV200-FV200 IDV33-36

Kingsman Gas Stoves:

These units usually stand away from the wall and are very similar to a wood burning stove in appearance. Available for direct vent applications.

Kingsman Fireplace Inserts

These units can be installed to replace existing wood-burning fireplaces. Inserts are available as a vented or direct vent appliance, and they utilize the existing chimney by using a flexible gas liner(s).

The design of these fireplaces allow for a completely sealed system that does not compromise inside air quality of your home.

Standard Features

  • Millivolt valve system allows operation during a power failure with hi low heat and flame adjustment
  • Blower with a thermostat controlled on off including variable speed control is standard on all models
  • Spill Safety switch – in case of a blocked flue or downdraft, it will shut down the unit
  • Dual barrier system with glowing embers
  • Bedroom approved
  • Safety Screen Barrier